As was foretold…

As I foreshadowed in the last entry, I’m back together with my ex-husband. Don’t look so surprised, we all saw it coming.

And as was foretold, I had to break the nice guy’s heart. By which I mean that I was sort of seeing how back together my ex and I would be for a week, while chatting nicely to the nice guy. But never actually seeing him in person. But not quite ghosting him. And then eventually I was semi-straight with him and said I just don’t feel like dating right now. And then he still wanted to one-on-one hang out. As friends. Which was a joke, right? (It wasn’t. He was serious. And didn’t see the irony.) So I said, and I quote, “Nope.”

Unfortunately for all parties involved, the nice guy and I will be attending a mutual friend’s Christmas Eve dinner next week… I’m predicting/hoping it will be anticlimactic and we’ll just be cordial and polite and nobody will mention the elephant in the room, i.e. that date we went on that seemed like it went well, followed by the rather prolonged rejection. It has the potential to be beyond awkward though. Also, my exhusband is none-too-thrilled about me having dinner and drinks in the same room as someone I’ve recently boned. Which has the potential to be dramarama with him. We’ve talked extensively about it though, to the point where I cannot wait until it is over and done with and we can talk about the Kardashians or something less repetitive.

Anyhow. I’ve been on winter break for the past almost week and I am loving it! And I still get to enjoy it for the next 2.5 weeks! I’ve been trying to keep it productive too and mostly succeeding. Because luckily, exhusband is also on a self-improvement kick, so he has to leave my side sometimes to like go to the gym or hustle for money, so I have the time to do me. This past month we’ve been very “you do you, and I’ll do me.” It’s like those healthy non-co-dependent relationships I see on tv. It’s fascinating.

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