I was born in a suburb in the Midwest of the United States. I thought I was too cool for the suburbs and grew up dreaming of an independent, bohemian life in New York City. So I only applied to, and thus inevitably went to, college in NYC. And then a grad school in NYC. And then spent a year of half-employment in NYC (because I had a teaching degree and there was a hiring freeze for new teachers.) My time in New York was everything that I had dreamed it would be: all types of cultures, amazing food, interesting people, constant things to do! But I hit extraordinary lows financially and it didn’t seem like I could ever truly get started on my career while the hiring freeze continued. At which point, I realized that I had to move. As much as it was the most perfect city ever, I needed a steady job more than I needed the city.

I don’t like taking pictures.

A friend from university was teaching in Abu Dhabi and suggested that I join her there. The pay was more than I would make in NYC, an apartment would be paid for, flights would be paid for, and I would be with one of my best friends. I was petrified at the idea of moving, to be honest, and had a very basic (i.e. nonexistent) image of Abu Dhabi. But I had no other option, so I decided to fly across the world for a job. I got fired from that job pretty quickly (through no fault of my own, honestly), but found another one (and after that one, got rehired by the school that had originally fired me.) I ended up staying in Abu Dhabi for five years.

During those five years, I traveled a lot and learned a lot and fell in love. And when my love had to move to Northern Cyprus to finish his degree, we didn’t break up. And after a long seven months of long-distance, I decided that the only way to be happy was to follow him there. So I said goodbye to my comfortable life in Abu Dhabi to move to unfamiliar Northern Cyprus. It was hell-on-earth for a myriad of reasons. So we decided to cut our losses and move back to our much easier lives in Abu Dhabi. And that is where we are in the story now…

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