Places I’ve Been Since Starting This Blog

(which was back in 2013, holy shit this blog is old!)

Life Goals

Since leaving America, I have realized that goals are hard to make because I cannot predict my life for shit. And deadlines are impossible. But here are 30 things that I want to accomplish at some point in my life, insha’allah.

  1. Go to East Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, or Singapore?)
  2. Go to Palestine (le sigh, but it’s for bae)
  3. Go to Spain (Completed, 27)
  4. Go to Mexico again (Completed, 26)
  5. Try living in America again
  6. Go to Monticello in VA
  7. Finish a book in Spanish
  8. Finish Arabic workbook
  9. Get laser hair removal
  10. Quit smoking
  11. Pay off credit card debt (Completed, 27)
  12. Put $2g into my Roth IRA (Completed, 29)
  13. Donate blood again
  14. See an opera
  15. Attend a basketball or soccer game
  16. Go skiing again
  17. Attempt to surf
  18. Try stand up paddle boarding
  19. Take a yoga class again
  20. Take violin lessons again (nah, but I taught them, 30)
  21. Make sauce from scratch (Completed, 26)
  22. Become comfortable cooking for others
  23. Throw a surprise party for somebody
  24. Go to the dentist for cleaning (Completed, 27)
  25. Get eyes checked and new glasses (Completed, 27)
  26. Get paid (and credit) for something I write
  27. Write a book of short stories
  28. Write a full novel
  29. Get married (Completed, 29)
  30. Have a child

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