No apologies

I never posted about Cyprus, oops. The reason is that within a week of me being back in Abu Dhabi, bae came here! So the past two weeks have been a blur of hanging out with him and his friends. I dropped him off at his house today and he’ll be spending today and tomorrow with his family. Because he hasn’t been home much, haha. Too busy with me and his friends.

He’s leaving in three days. And then it’s back to the long distance bullshit until July. Two months isn’t really that long, but it’s forever when you’re in love and he’s your favorite person to hang out with.

And then in August…. I’m supposed to move to Northern Cyprus. Which scares the shit out of me when I think about it. Largely because I don’t have a job there still. I interviewed at one school while I was there and it seemed like they wanted to hire me, but I haven’t heard back from them and don’t know when I will. But they’re my only hope at this moment. And while it’s possible that I could just move there in August and find something on the ground, I would far prefer to have something arranged before I start lugging my shit there and looking for an apartment, etc.

Today bae was like “I should have spent my time here looking for a job instead of just hanging out.” Because if he found a job here, he could move back and pay for a school here to finish his degree and I could continue at my better paying job and I wouldn’t have to move. But when he said it, I just laughed. Because we both know that would never happen. We just have to accept the situation for what it is. He will finish his degree there, I will move there, and khallas. It is what it is. Sa?

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I’m back from Northern Cyprus, which I will talk about in the next entry. For this entry, I want to talk about something that happened on my way back to Abu Dhabi.

Often when there’s no jet bridge to connect the plane to the terminal, passengers get unloaded onto the tarmac, then into these buses that transport you to the terminal. In Istanbul, on one of my layovers, that’s what happened. And while we were crunched in there, I started to be really bothered by the odor of this man standing next to me. It was really quite unbearable. And then I started to feel nauseous. And dizzy. Like I was actually going to vomit quite soon. I crouched down, hoping that the change in position might change my discomfort. And the man sitting in front of me immediately offered me his seat. I took it gratefully and focused on breathing and feeling calm. My temperature had risen quickly and I was sweating, but trying to calm myself.

Then we arrived at the terminal and I got off the bus shakily, hoping I would make it into the building to find a new seat. As we were walking into the building, my vision blacked out. I was still conscious and moving forward, but I couldn’t see anything and I knew I was going to faint if I didn’t sit down immediately. I tried to move towards the side and not be in the middle of the flow of people, but I still basically sat in the floor in the middle of a crowd of people.

And I was immediately swarmed by old ladies trying to help me. They offered me water and candies and one started spraying perfume on my wrist for some reason. And I was just sitting there, breathing, trying not to faint, and not knowing how to react to their swarm of kindness. The one with the perfume kept touching my head and neck, where I had broken out into a profuse sweat. Eventually I accepted the water and some chocolates and they helped me to a bench. And then some men who worked at the terminal entrance brought me water. And then a sandwich and chocolate and more water.

And I was sitting there, wondering what the hell had just happened. And being so grateful that people took the time to be concerned about me, a total stranger in a sea of strangers, willing to help in whatever way they could. It was honestly very touching.

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Two more days!

Two more days of work, then I’m off to Northern Cyprus to see my boyfriend, hurrah!

I cannot wait. Work is torturously slow of late. But I put in my resignation this week, which was a lovely moment. I do wish I had my next job already lined up, but I’m moving to Cyprus either way. Or at least that’s what I’ve told so many people that I really do have to do it, lest I seem like a liar.

It’s terrifying. Such is life sometimes.

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Rain Days

Here in Abu Dhabi, it never snows. And it rarely rains. But two nights ago I was woken up by the sound of windows rattling and hail knocking at 4am. I got up and looked outside to see debris swirling around the parking lot and into the sky. It looked quite apocrophylic. I went online and learned that school was most definitely closed for the day.

Because we get rain days here.

Which was really quite a good thing. The day before had rained on-and-off all day, with moments of seriously heavy downpour, so when I got to my car after work, I already had to drive it through some substantial pools of water. Roads here are not used to more than an occasional drizzle (roughly four times a year; otherwise it’s sunshine forever) so they aren’t necessarily engineered for torrential downpour. So, many roads flooded, with some sections needing to be closed off. And throughout the day, people started posting videos of the high winds (130kmph!) trashing buildings and slamming loose objects around mercilessly.

Schools also got a second rain day off today “for the safety of the children and staff,” although I think it’s really moreso to give time to schools to clean up the messes that the weather caused. It’s sunny at the moment, with a theoretical spattering of rain predicted in a few hours. But I think at this point, we can all sit back and enjoy our four day weekend.

There are a ton of videos of the mayhem all over my social media at the moment. But I have to say that this one was my favorite. The guy personally takes it upon himself to start cleaning up a road that’s been trashed by tree debris. Too amazing.

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I feel like I’ve been here before….

I’m currently sitting with my foot up on a pile of pillows. Because last night, in my drunken brilliance, I decided to jump off a ledge that was roughly… I don’t know. I lowered myself off the ledge so that I was maybe eight feet off the ground before I jumped. But then I stuck the landing. Apparently I should have rolled as I fell or some such nonsense. Whatever. I doubt it’s broken, but I definitely can’t walk on it at the moment. I’ve been hopping around the apartment in a most ridiculous fashion.

The reason for my drunken state was a bachelorette party. Which was a complete mess. So many poor decisions on so many people’s parts.

I, for some reason, ended up following my idiot best friend around all night. She is really awful when she’s drunk. Especially when we’re in Dubai and she’s not with her husband (who usually watches her instead of me.) I ended up sitting with her on the fucking street while she played guitar with some random dude who happened to be carrying two guitars at three in the morning. We had also earlier gotten ourselves kicked out of a bar because of their shitty service and our rebellious protest. They called us into the manager’s office and were all sorts of serious and we just kept laughing at them. Because it was their own fault, really. If you want people to behave in a bar, you have to give them appropriate service or they’re going to be dumb. They are drunk, afteralll.

It’s my own fault that I hurt my foot though. Dubai makes me insanely frustrated, as do group outings, and I was sick of waiting around for my drunk best friend. So when it was either walk around the block or jump the ledge, I just wanted to fucking get to a bed and sleep already. Seriously poor choice…. I forget how old and fragile I am.

Ironically, after jumping the ledge we never made it to the beds we were trying to get to. By that point (because of the fucking guitar playing hour on the street) everyone was passed out and incomunicado. So we had to take a taxi all the way back to Abu Dhabi, which costs roughly 250 dirhams (around 70 USD). Which doesn’t sound like a lot when I convert it to dollars, but it’s a lot for a taxi here, haha.

I should add that we were dressed up in absolutely hideous, ridiculous outfits as well because bachelorette party. Le sigh.

I am glad that we have such fantastic stories to tell. But I am not glad that I fucked up my foot. I vow to drink more responsibly henceforth. Amen.

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